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Manufactured in Canada in a drug-free environment.

Protein (min.) 12.00 %
Crude Fat (min.) 10.00 %
Crude Fibre (max.) 15.00 %
Calcium (act.) .80 %
Phosphorus (act.) .70 %
Manganese (act.) 120 mg/kg
Copper (act.) 50 mg/kg
Zinc (act.) 150 mg/kg
Sodium (act.) .35 %
Vitamin A (min.) 11000 IU/KG.
Vitamin D (min.) 1250 IU/KG.
Vitamin E (min.) 365 IU/KG.
Selenium (min. added) .45 ppm.

Nutritional Enhancements
*full analysis available
Biotin .37 mg/kg.
Thiamine 13.80 mg/kg.
Riboflavin 14.60 mg/kg.
Omega 3 fatty acids 1.28 %
Omega 6 fatty acids 5.23 %
Lysine Saccharomyces cerevisiae Saccharomyces Boulardi Fermentation Metabolites 0.70 %

Feeding Suggestions

Feed horses according to level and type of activity and to maintain ideal body condition

Mature Weight                         900 lbs. (400 kg.)                       1100 lbs. (500 kg.)                          1320 lbs. (600 kg.)
Light work *                       4.0 -8.0 lbs. (1.8 - 3.6 kg.)        6.0 - 10.0 lbs. (2.75 - 4.5 kg.)           7.0 – 12.0 lbs. (3.2 - 5.5 kg.)
Moderate work **            5.0 – 10.0 lbs. (2.25-4.5 kg.)         7.0 - 12.0 lbs. (3.2-5.45 kg.)         8.0 – 14.0 lbs. (3.6 - 6.40 kg.)
Heavy work ***                6.0 – 11.0 lbs. (2.70-5.0 kg.)         8.0 – 13.0 lbs. (3.6–5.9 kg.)         9.0 – 16.0 lbs. (4.0 - 7.25 kg.)
* ie. jogging, trail riding, pleasure etc.
** ie. dressage, jumping, cutting, roping etc.
*** ie. racing, polo, eventing etc.

Note: Warmblood or Draft horses may require different amounts from light horse breeds.

Contact a Brooks feed representative or submit a request on the interactive web site -

Amount of feed required is dependent on the body condition, the metabolism and the type of activity the horse is used for. For each pound of Eeze Pro-Plus fed daily below ½ pound per 100 lbs. bodyweight, add ¼ pound (115 grams) Brooks Enhancer or All Phase 20. Provide fresh clean water and free choice salt at all times with a minimum of 1% of bodyweight in hay or equivalent pasture. Store in a cool dry location. Amount fed varies according to quality of hay or pasture. A hay analysis is recommended. Contact your retailer or Brooks Nutrition Advisor.

Eeze Pro-Plus is a performance feed for horses active in high intensity disciplines requiring large amounts of energy with a reduced carbohydrate level. Eeze Pro-Plus draws energy primarily from digestible (super) fibres, high-quality fats including flax and rice bran and extruded corn. Eeze Pro-Plus is further enhanced by the addition of both a prebiotic and a probiotic to ensure maximum efficiency of digestion.

Eeze Pro-Plus is the go-to product for trainers and owners looking for a calorie dense formula that will fuel elite equine athletes and support maximum performance in a palatable form that helps to keep horses training and performing every day.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains therapeutic prebiotics and probiotics to maximize the efficiency and health of the digestive system. Enhanced gut conditions ensure optimum health and maximum performance.
  • A reduced level of sugar & starch with an emphasis on non NSC sources such as fat and fibre make Eeze Pro Plus an excellent choice for disciplines requiring high calorie density and maximum stamina.
  • The inclusion of an extruded component ensures that the digestibility of the included carbohydrates is enhanced to limit any undesirable side effects.
  • Fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and chelated minerals provide micronutrient nutrition and essential amino acids for optimum performance and muscle repair.
  • Omega 3 rich flax provides healthy fat energy to minimize fatigue and increase stamina. Rice bran adds digestible fibre and fat energy.
  • Brooks Oxiguard System of natural source Vitamin E and organic selenium work synergistically to lessen muscle soreness and fatigue.

Brooks Eeze Pro Plus

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