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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 12.50%
Phosphorus (min) 1.75%
Crude Fat (min) 20.00%
Free Fatty Acid (max) 4.00%
Crude Fiber (max) 13.00%
Calcium (min) 1.75%
Calcium (max) 2.25%

Adds calories to a ration to avoid excessive grain intake.

Horses in various life stages can benefit from the calories afforded in Equi-Jewel. This product may be particularly useful for intensely worked performance horses, lactating mares, hard keepers, and aged horses because these horses typically have energy requirements above those of ordinary horses.

The pellet allows for quick mixing with a concentrate and makes it more difficult for horses to sort the pellets from other components of a concentrate. Feed one to two pounds daily.


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Key Benefits:

What horses benefit from Equi-Jewel?

•    All performance horses that need extra calories and a cool attitude
•    Broodmares and stallions that need to maintain condition throughout the breeding season
•    Growing horses that need low-carb calories to safely maximize growth
•    Show and sale horses that need extra condition and shiny coats
•    Seniors and horses on restricted diets that require low-starch/sugar calories

What beneficial infredients does Equi-Jewel contain?

Equi-Jewel is an all-natural, heat-stabilized rice bran containing a balanced calcium (Ca) to phosphorous (P) ratio. It provides high-fat, low starch/sugar energy to horses of any age or stage. With a balanced Ca:P ratio, Equi-Jewel can be added to any feeding program without causing mineral imbalances. 

What will Equi-Jewel do for my horse?

•    Allows you to reduce meal size and lower the risk of grain overload by providing energy-rich calories from fat
•    Boosts stamina by lowering lactic acid levels and heart rates during exercise
•    Helps maintain steady glucose and insulin levels throughout the day by providing a low starch/sugar source of calories
•    Keeps horses calm and focused on their work
•    Supplies essential fatty acides necessary for healthy skin and coat

Brooks Equi Jewel Rice Bran

SKU: 2945
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