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Phase 20 is a versatile pelleted supplement formulated to supply a complete nutritional balance including protein to rations not containing a recommended amount of a Brooks complete feed. All Phase 20 provides essential amino acids (protein), and a full complement of vitamins and highly available macro and trace minerals to ensure horses do not develop any long-term deficiencies of key nutrients. A reduced non-structural carbohydrate formulation (NSC) makes All Phase 20 an ideal choice to balance rations for metabolically challenged horses such as those diagnosed with Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushings, or laminitis where total calories (particularly from starch and sugar) must be limited. All Phase 20 may not provide sufficient calories for some metabolically challenged horses. 

Key Benefits:

  • Formulated with high quality protein, vitamins, and bio-available chelated (organic) minerals to provide nutritional balance to rations including the B-complex such as biotin along with essential amino acids (protein).
  • The level of sugar and starch (NSC) has been significantly reduced to maximize the positive effects of non NSC sources and emphasize essential amino acids for growth and muscle repair.
  • Brooks exclusive Oxiguard system of natural source Vitamin E and organic selenium synergistically act as effective antioxidants to minimize muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • A flexible feeding rate allows for precise ration balancing according to current feedstuffs and the unique requirement of all classes of horses including growing, breeding and metabolically challenged horses.
  • The addition of a proprietary yeast culture Saccharomyces Cerevisiae improves digestion of fibre and promotes more efficient use of nutrients.

Brooks Ker All Phase 20

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