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This Electric Heater Base helps prevent water from freezing in temperatures as low as 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C). Designed for use with Little Giant Double Wall Founts (Item Nos. 9832, 9833, 9835, and 9838, sold separately) and other all-metal containers. The heating element has been completely redesigned for improved safety and efficiency. The fully enclosed bottom adds another layer of protection. Perfect for unheated coops and barns; can be used outdoors in a dry, sheltered area. Made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant galvanized steel. Cord should be protected from animals and used with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected outlet. Unit will not draw electricity until temperature drops below freezing. Uses less than 1 amp per hour. 16.25 inch diameter by 3.687 inch high. CSA-certified in Canada.

Galvanized Heater Water Base

SKU: 1712
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