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Spacious seed tray limits waste and promotes 360-degree feeding. • Easy filling with twist-off lid. • All-metal construction ensures durability. • Drainage holes keep seed fresh. • Holds up to 5 lb of mixed seed and sunflower seed. >> Looking for a charming addition to your feeding stations? With classic milk canister silhouette and earthy coloring, the Perky-Pet Milk Pail Feeder is the perfect rustic touch for any backyard setting. This feeder doesn’t just look great – it offers a large capacity, too! The pail can hold an astounding 5 lb of mixed seed or sunflower seed to ensure your hungry backyard birds are always well fed. In addition, the Perky-Pet Milk Pail Feeder boasts a tightly sealing lid and drainage holes to keep seed fresh and dry in any weather. Meanwhile, the feeder’s spacious seed tray limits waste by catching seeds and promotes 360-degree feeding so more