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Nyjer Seed is best suited for feeding Wild Finches such as the American Goldfinch, the Redpoll, the Purple Finch, and the House Finch. A clear tubular feeder (that is specifically designed to hold Nyjer Seed) hung at a height of 6' (2m) from the ground is recommended. Since birds are creatures of habit, it is important to maintain a regular pattern of feeding, keepting the feeder full at all times and establishing a constant location.

Available in 2kg, 4kg, 8kg & 50lb bags

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NyjerTM Seed (“Guizotia abyssinica” niger)


Crude Protein

Min 18.0%

Crude Fat

Min 35.0%

Crude Fibre

Max. 16.0%


Max 12.0%


Nyjer Seed

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